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The Bathmate Penis Pump - Is It Worth a Try?

Traditional penis pumps basically use air to create pressure which in turn is said to expand the penis, creating larger size. While temporary gains were evident, the real draw to using pumps was the hope for a permanent increase in penis size. This was said to be achieved through repeated use of pumps for several weeks, if not months.

The problem is most guys never would make it more than a few weeks using the traditional penis pumps due to a number of issues like inconvenience and the fear of injury.

The traditional pumps had reports of injury, thus giving them a negative wrap for penis enlargement. And the gains were also questionable.

So today we have a new "breed" of penile pumps, which instead of using air, use water to create pressure and in turn, create size. The temporary size gains are even more apparent with the new water based pumps.

The most popular water pump is called the Bathmate. This pump has various size models, but is basically an all in one contraption in that there is no extra tubes or "pumping mechanism" attached to it. You simply fill with water, insert penis and pump out some of the excess water and leave on for a number of minutes.

Using water makes this type of pump much more safer than traditional "old school pumps". Also, the convenience factor is big, as it can be used while taking a shower or just relaxing in a bath.

So what about effectiveness? Well, as said, the temporary size gains are apparent, so if one is interested in surprising their partner with a larger than they usually have penis, then it can work great (especially for impressing a new partner). Remember, sex is very much "mental". The visual stimulus men receive from large breasts or shapely legs creates a strong sexual excitement. The same can hold true for women who get turned on by larger penis size. Visually seeing a bigger penis will create more sexual excitement.

Now for peremanent size gains, there have been more and more positive feedback from guys achieving noticeable gains, which over the course of several months, continue to remain. The Bathmate water based penis pump could be the answer to guys wanting to add lasting size to their penis.

Of course this won't happen overnight. Permanent size increases will take time, usually several weeks to months.

So is the Bathmate worth a try?

If you want to temporary increase your size, then yes. If you want to add permanent size gains, then given the quality of this particular pump, the increased safety compared to older pumps, and the growing number of positive feedback from actual users, then yes it's worth a try.

Remember to focus on a water based pump. Currently it is the Bathmate model which is the most popular, though other brands have been emerging. They (Bathmate) have four different models to choose from.

Should you use the pump elusively? Yes, at least for starters. There are all kinds of various forms of "PE" (penis enlargement) from exercises to pills, and even stretching contraptions. You should always use the pump exclusively to start out with and not combine it with anything else, so you can gauge your results properly. If you use multiple methods you won't know which is working, and if you are inexperienced with PE methods, you could overtrain and not achieve any results. If you stick with a pump only, then if your results are satisfactory you can continue along that road and may even want to upgrade to the "next level pump".

We review The Bathmate Penis Pump even further and include a video for you to watch to see how exactly it works. Check out The Bathmate Penis Pump review right here

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Friday, 8 September 2017



You name it, it’s out there! The scams range from Penis enlargement pills to penis patches and are primarily sold over the internet endorsed by celebrity names and promises that are unrealistic and do not have any real foundation in the real world.

Flora Research of California and the University of Maryland have done analyses into the substances found in these pills and found contaminants that are very harmful for your body such as mould, yeast, E. Coli Bacteria, pesticides and lead.

Do you really want to swallow that?


The definition of a Penis pump is according to Wikipedia a cylinder shape that fits over your penis, either with manual or motorized pump to create a vacuum. Penis pumps have been found to be effective and draw blood into the penis by creating a higher inner blood pressure inside the tube thus expanding your penis tissues.

Pumping must be done very carefully with these traditional devices as almost none of them have any kind of safety mechanisms built into them and can cause great harm with burst blood vessels and form blisters. In some cases, the testicles can be pulled unexpectedly into the cylinder causing severe pain and possible injury.

Peyronie's Disease can be acquired with the improper use or when using a substandard penis pump and it is a deformity that no man wants to self-inflict.


Penis extenders work in a similar fashion to Penis Pumps, by exercising the penile muscle, and making it expand through repeated exercise over a period of time. Extenders can work well, but do have some issues compared with other techniques. To get results with a penis extender, requires the wearer to use contraption for a long time each day. As it cumbersome, it is difficult to wear under clothes and therefore must be done at home. Penis extenders can break, and when they do, can cause tissue damage to the penis.


Penile lengthening is the most common technique to lengthen the penis and involves cutting the suspensory ligament and then performing plastic surgery to provide additional skin to cover its new length.

However, the suspensory ligament does have a role, in that it helps keep the penis pointing upwards during erection. After it has been divided, that support is no longer present.

After surgery, some men find that they have gained a small increase in flaccid length, but the erect penis is about the same size and now points towards the floor!